CBS Mission

Provide educational and artistic training to women and youth through fundamentals of dance and exercise; promoting healthy living and social etiquette for underprivileged communities.



CBS Vision
See the mission transcend into the hearts and minds of each participant, causing a paradigm shift among the underprivileged by maintaining healthy lifestyles through dance and exercise. Develop future leaders; enabling them to empower others and reinvest into their communities.



Goal Statement
Mold natural gifts and/or desires through expressions of dance and exercise, so our clients can be both uplifted and enlightened while practicing healthier choices.  Combat obesity and other physical ailments that result from a sedentary lifestyle.



Charley’s Body Shoppe began in 1983. Charley Johnson taught aerobic fitness in the suburbs of St. Louis County for several years and realized no one was offering classes in the City.  CBS first rented space in the educational building of St. Peter A.M.E. Church, where she was a member. She continued teaching aerobic fitness to both men and women until class sizes outgrew the space.

In 1985, CBS moved to a storefront building on N. Kingshighway.  In 1986, the doors opened for youth in North St. Louis who lacked structured activities during the summer.  The Summer Dance Workshop was a great success, leading CBS to offer weekly dance classes for youth throughout the calendar year.  We have a scholarship fund for students who cannot afford to pay for skilled classes, but have a desire to dance.  These applicants are screened and encouraged to continue in dance even after high school graduation. 
Over the past 30+ years CBS has developed into the premiere aerobic dance studio in North St. Louis.  Our students have gone on to pursue careers in dance performance and instruction, physical therapy and dance therapy.  Several former students have returned to teach at CBS and enroll their own children in classes.
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